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Value and Necessity of Public Speaking Skills

Accepting awards, giving an elevator pitch, and participating in a job interview are just a few scenarios that require the person conducting the activity to be well-spoken and possess public speaking skills. The activities above are quite common, and most people perform at least one of them throughout their lifetime. The frequency of society’s use of public speaking skills simply goes to show how essential it is for one to be able to communicate effectively, whether it be through presenting a speech or by pitching an idea within a very short period of time, referred to as an “elevator pitch.” Why are public speaking skills so highly sought for and significant today?

First and foremost, being able to speak with others freely and express one’s ideas clearly is quite rare, causing someone who possesses this ability to receive recognition for it. Very few people are considered to be well-spoken, contributing to the high desire of speech skills. Those who speak articulately, regardless of whether they incorporate a formal lexicon or not, are both applauded by their audience and viewed as intelligent and charismatic. An evident example of this phenomenon is when politicians and other officials give speeches. Although it may seem easy to present a speech, very few are able to do so in a manner that draws the audience in, regardless of what speech structure they use. When a person delivers a prompt yet effective speech, their persona is transformed into a much more positive image, highlighting their talent.

Public speaking skills are not only commendable skills that prompt recognition and appreciation, but they are also highly practical skills that allow for growth and development. As mentioned in previous paragraphs, people come across many situations where they must speak in a profound manner before others. Being able to impress others with one’s communication skills can lead to many benefits, such as promotions at an occupation or being noticed by significant individuals. This can be seen when someone delivers a speech about an idea they had. If the person giving the speech was able to speak articulately and get their point across, their idea would have high chances of being implemented. On the contrary, if the presenter’s message was not very clear to the audience, the possibly genius idea they may have had would be rejected. This is because people believe that if someone is unable to express themself well, they shouldn’t be listened to.

Last but not least, public speaking skills give way to many opportunities that would otherwise be restricted. Those who are talented in presenting speeches or refuting arguments impromptu are considered for leadership roles and ambitious positions, as their ability to represent and speak for a certain group of people and express their ideals is felt to be superior to those who cannot. This exact reasoning is why presidential candidates partake in debates before voting opens. These debates include impromptu stances that the participants must respond to with insightful answers without any provided resources, such as a computer or newspapers. The participants who are able to provide the most effective responses are often considered the better candidate.

Receiving recognition, experiencing growth and development, and having access to selective opportunities are all benefits of having public speaking skills and using them to communicate effectively. The ability to speak articulately is very rare and quite difficult to come across, which is why here at Cognitive Exchange, we foster it in the speech and debate classes we teach. We believe that no student should be limited by their lack of knowledge on how to deliver speeches or respond to arguments impromptu, which is why we have made it our mission to teach others.

Written by: Srinika Kanneganti

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