About Us


Our Founder

Satyaprit Das, a boy whose name means “the Love of Truth,” was born on August 17, 1996, in Jefferson City, Missouri to his loving parents and older brother. His interests ranged far and wide, but he always had a passion for speech and debate. Using his knowledge from his 4 years in Speech and Debate, Satyaprit, along with his friends, started Cognitive Exchange.
Satyaprit’s goal was to bring the power of communication and speech to the parts of the world that needed it the most. He traveled to India and laid the curriculum to this program that allows students from America to teach valuable communication skills and the basics of Speech and debate to individuals around the world.


“Be strong, you never know who you are inspiring.”

Satyaprit Das, Founder
08.17.96 – 05.01.14

Our Board of Directors

Cognitive Exchange was formed based on the goal of helping students gain speech and debate skills in developing nations globally. High school students in America are able to conduct classes halfway across the world, through virtual classrooms.

We aspire to help students around the world become active participants in their community by teaching them key life skills that are not taught in a traditional classroom setting such as communication, research, and leadership. ​

The Board of Directors provides directional and tactical guidance for Cognitive Exchange. They also set a direction for CE and mobilize resources needed to deliver the mission of CE. 

They work to improve the funding, partnerships, and events of CE.

Jyoti Das (Chair)
Strategy, Partnerships, Marketing, and Global Expansion
Sabya Das
Technology, Expansion,
and Special Projects
Susmita Das
Operations, Training,
and Advancement
Sunil Mujoo
CFO: Finance and
Vaibhav Nadgauda
Planning, Fundraising, and
India Expansion


Classes are taught once a week through virtual classrooms and generally consist of no more than 32 students. It is an 8 to 9-week program with presentations and competitions in between and at the very end. Students receive feedback from their instructors and Cognitive Exchange leaders on how to improve.

As students graduate from the basic classes, they are able to move onto the more challenging advanced courses for both Speech and Debate.

Our Footprint

​Cognitive Exchange started in Sacramento, California by a group of high school students who were passionate about speaking and philanthropy.

In the beginning, it consisted of only 7 teachers and 5 schools. Six years later we have 110 teachers and have impacted over 4000 students in 60 different schools.

​In 2018, CE expanded to Houston, Texas. Our goal is to be able to spread CE through all of the entire United States!