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Why Join Us?


As a student, you will attain speech and debate skills such as research, analytical and critical thinking, body posture, and persuasion that will aid you with job interviews and communication in general. These skills also help develop the confidence to speak to a larger audience. Students also learn to accept constructive criticism and use it to improve their skills.


As a teacher, you can receive about 10 volunteer hours each semester and more if part of a leadership team. Leadership teams help develop collaborative skills and depending upon the team you can attain real-world experience. Cognitive Exchange looks good on college apps and provides you with the satisfaction of helping students. Teachers can also start a club at their school and provide the opportunity for your fellow students to get teaching experience and volunteer hours.


As a partner school, you are providing the opportunity for your students to learn speech and debate skills. You are helping students learn skills that help them create a better future for themselves and others around them.


As a club, you will be able to teach classes and provide opportunities for fellow students to make a difference to students across the world.
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