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Updated: Oct 29, 2020

The very first amendment to the United States Constitution, promotes the freedom of speech and demonstrates how every human should have the right to express their own ideals. With this in mind, it is extremely unfortunate that over 775 million people around the globe are illiterate and another 152 million children are set to follow the same path to illiteracy. In our society it is vital that all humans have the ability to communicate and express their ideas. Here in America, we take our education for granted as America is known to be one of the more developed countries of the world. Many of us are fortunate enough to be raised in societies where going to school is second nature with libraries scattered around and teachers and facilities that can cater to our learning requirements. However, there are those of us in the world who don’t have unwavering access to educational content and have to make do with what they can. If a child lacks education, he/she will not be able to pursue their desires in life and will be restricted to other societal roles. In this blog, I will review key reasons why individuals lack education and how this lack of education can negatively impact an individual’s life.

The most dominant reason why an individual lacks schooling is due to the fact that he/she or his/her community lacks the resources to attain an education. This is especially a trend in developing countries or third-world-countries. Many of the poorest countries in the world do not have access to the adequate financial resources necessary to create schools. Providing schooling materials along with recruiting and training teachers costs money, and aid from fellow countries generally is not sufficient enough to establish an education system for all children. Additionally, over 300 million children between the ages of five and 17 years are engaged in forced labor worldwide. Most of these children work to financially support their families making child labor a significant contributor to high numbers of them being out of school. Parents, as well as governments, are more concerned about other important things like finding food, shelter and water for the families.

Millions of children around the globe are lacking an education due to factors they are unjustly born with. They don’t have the knowledge to complete basic tasks, which are essential to their daily life. These unfortunate situations are prevalent in developing countries due to the lack of resources and funds to construct an adequate education infrastructure. Cognitive Exchange is a non-profit organization who aims to combat these deprivations. They do this through hosting speech and debate courses around the world to people in need. Cognitive Exchange has impacted over 4000 students in over 60 schools and continues to do so every week. As expressed earlier, communication is a crucial aspect of today’s society and it is a vital goal which fuels Cognitive Exchange. 

Written By: Sachit Murthy

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